"Fairest of Them All" Revamp of My evil Queen piece, now available on my Society6 profile!

Watercolor of Charlize Theron’s “Evil Queen” from the new film “Snow White and The Huntsman”. The film comes out this Friday and I’m pretty excited for Charlize’s performance as well as to see Colleen Atwood’s gorgeous designs! Pen and Ink plus watercolor, illustrated by Christian Cimoroni.

"Jeremy Scott Poltergeist" They’re … Carrie Anne returns to the unknown in these fabulous TV inspired sunglasses created by Jeremy Scott in collaboration with Linda Farrow. Digital illustration by Christian Cimoroni.

"A L I E N MCQUEEN" One of my all time favorite horror/sci-fi films is Ridley Scott’s "Alien". The sinister sexuality of H.R. Giger’s artwork and designs resembles some of the fashions created by Alexander McQueen. Ink wash illustration by Christian Cimoroni.